Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your guaranteed reservation for any reason, you must do so by 6 pm the day of arrival and receive a cancellation number or your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the stay.


The Inn on the Hudson provides state-of-the-art COMPLIMENTARY WiFi to its guests. While we provide the service, due to the thousands of variables involved in connectivity (including virus infections, older wireless equipment), we cannot be responsible for our guest’s wireless technologies ability to connect to our COMPLIMENTARY WiFi Internet services.

The front desk can provide you with a password to allow access to this feature.


Use of the Internet by guests of The Inn on the Hudson is permitted and encouraged. However, The Inn on the Hudson has a policy for the use of the Internet whereby guests must ensure that they:

  • Comply with current legislation
  • Use the Internet in an acceptable way
  • Do not create unnecessary risk to our network by their misuse of the Internet

In particular the following is deemed unacceptable use or behavior by guests:

  • Visiting Internet sites that contain obscene, hateful, pornographic or otherwise illegal material
  • Using the computer to perpetrate any form of fraud, or software, film, or music piracy
  • Using the Internet to send offensive or harassing material to other users
  • Downloading commercial software or any copyrighted materials belonging to third parties, unless this download is covered or permitted under a commercial agreement or other such license
  • Publishing defamatory and/or knowingly false material on social networking sites, ‘blogs’ (online journals), ‘wikis’ and any online publishing format
  • Introducing any form of malicious software into the network

All of the company’s Internet-related resources are provided for personal use only. Furthermore, the company maintains the right to monitor the volume of Internet and network traffic, together with the Internet sites visited. The specific content of any transactions will not be monitored unless there is a suspicion of improper use.


Where it is believed that a user has failed to comply with this policy, they will have their access to the network revoked.


Whilst we make every effort to ensure that our service is available, we cannot guarantee that Internet access will be available for the duration of your stay. We may also block certain websites or transactions in order to protect our network.


In using the network provided for guests, you are indicating that you have read and understood these terms and agree to be bound by them.

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